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Helpful tips for housing, diet, handling, and behavior

Bunny rabbits are SO CUTE and rewarding to care for, but they require a long-term commitment and proper care to keep them healthy and happy.  There is a lot of false information on rabbit care out there.  We assure you that the information on our site is accurate and in the bunnies' best interest.  All the info you will find on here was either written by, or reviewed by our founder, who works in the veterinary field and has been volunteering in rabbit rescue for over a decade. 

If you are considering adopting a bun or 2 (and we highly recommend you do!) please read through the information below, and let us know if you have any further questions about rabbit care.  We hope you will enjoying learning about the needs of these wonderful little animals.

Bunny Care: About Us


There are many misconceptions out there about the proper care of domesticated rabbits.  Many are kept in wire-bottom cages, or hutches, forgotten in back yards, fed inadequate diets, or abandoned to survive in the wild.  Here, you will find info and resources on how to care for domesticated bunnies so that they have the opportunity to live healthy, happy lives.

Bunny Care: What We Do
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