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Why is Fostering Important?

Here at Cannon Beach Bunny Rescue, we understand that the current overpopulation is such a big issue that fostering alone will not be enough to solve it.  In the future, we hope to build sanctuaries and work with other organizations to help more of the bunnies and make a bigger impact on the population growth.  In the meantime, fostering is a way for us to make a lasting impact in the lives of individual rabbits, while promoting the welfare of all domesticated rabbits through example and education. 


The following are ways in which fostering makes a direct positive impact:

  • Overpopulation Impact:  Even though it is not going to be the sole solution, and the other bunnies out on the beach will continue you breed, it is important to remember, that fostering is not insignificant.  Every female who is spayed and placed in foster care is a bunny who could have had a litter every month for several years if left outside.  Every male who is neutered and placed in foster care is a bunny who likely would have frequently impregnated multiple females in his fluffle. (That's a real term.  We promise.)  The point is, while altering bunnies one by one will not stop the bigger problem, it WILL prevent many actual litters from being created.

  • Making a Difference:  Our hearts break for all the homeless bunnies of Cannon Beach.  We want to go and save them all and frequently receive requests to rescue rabbits from peoples' properties in town.  Unfortunately, we cannot rescue any until we have foster placement available for them.

  • Impact for Individuals:  You've probably heard the old story of the child who was throwing starfish back into the sea.  They were approached and told what they were doing wouldn't matter because others would just wash up again.  The child responded "It matters to this one."  Fostering may not solve the bigger problem of overpopulation, but it makes a huge difference in the lives of the bunnies who are fostered and adopted!  Each bunny in foster care will be provided with shelter, safety, a healthy diet, access to heath care, and be surrounded with love.

  • Socialization:  Many of the bunnies we rescue (and plan to rescue) are feral.  Though they are not wild, they are not acclimated to human contact.  These bunnies benefit greatly from quiet, patient foster care.  Getting to stay in a home prior to adoption gives them time to learn how nice humans can be. (They are the food-bringers!)  This socialization is important because it provides a smooth transition between rescue and adoption.

  • Education:  People who volunteer to foster go through a training session prior to fostering.  Some of these volunteers are new to rabbit guardianship.  We love educating people on proper rabbit care!  When meeting with potential adopters, these Foster Care Providers then pass on their knowledge to them.  This is important because the more people know about bunny care, the better care they will provide for their bunnies, and the more they will care about bunnies in need (like those at Cannon Beach!).​

  • Spreading the Word:  When people foster, this brings the very real issue of overpopulation closer to home.  Fostering will come up in conversation and when guests come over, they will get to see a real "Cannon Beach bunny" up close and maybe learn about the issue.  Spreading the word is important so that more people who care can contribute or volunteer, allowing us to help even more bunnies in the future!

Our Foster Program 

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Foster Application

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