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Since they will be running about in your home, it is important to make sure that this environment is both safe for and safe from your bunny!  See below for some basic tips to keep your belongings and your bunny safe in your shared space.

  1. WIRES

For reasons unknown, wires have proven irresistible to most rabbits.  Chewing through a wire not only causes stress due to damaged property, may also result in electrocution and burns!  Get creative and block off areas where wires are present, or cover the wires with thicker plastic tubing (pictured).


Even a well-litter-trained bunny can have the occasional urinary accident, especially if they are not feeling well or if a new pet is introduced to their territory.  Because accidents, water spills, and destructive chewing can all occur, it is recommended to cover the floor of your bunny's pen with a protective layer.  Corrugated plastic (available at many local hardware stores) works well.  It is water-proof and smooth (nothing to chew!).


Baseboards provide floor-level chewing temptation for many bunnies.  If you are unable to block access to all of them, there are many options for protecting them.  Check out this link for an example.


Legs of furniture may be tempting to chew, as well as the edges of anything that they think they should be able to crawl under.  Furniture can be protected with various plastic or rubber devices.  If it won't damage the finish, a yucky-tasting spray (like Bitter Apple) may discourage chewing.  


Aside from wire covers, probably the most important preventative measure you can take is to make sure your bunny has lots of toys to play with and chew on.  If they start to chew on the leg of your coffee table, offer them a toy to chew instead.  In general, bunnies who are receiving adequate mental stimulation from frequent exercise and multiple toys, will be less likely to engage in destructive chewing.

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