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Our Foster Care Providers are a special group of people who offer their homes to provide safety and care to homeless bunnies and help place them into loving forever homes.  It is frequently very rewarding, but does require work and commitment. 

We couldn't do what we do without our foster team! 



    • All foster bunnies must be kept inside the home to be safe from predators & inclement weather.

    • Living inside, they will have more interaction with their foster family.

    • Living inside also allows Foster Care Providers to keep a closer eye on their health.


    • All foster bunnies must be housed in pens that allow for easy, comfortable movement.

    • Pens must be safe, sturdy, and secure.

    • Solid flooring in the pen must be kept free of urine & excessive fecal material.


    • Whatever (bunny-safe) absorbent material is kept in the bottom of the litter boxes, there must always be clean hay on top, so that the rabbits are never stepping on excrement in their boxes.

    • Litter box should be emptied and refilled at least every other day.


    • All foster bunnies must be kept safe from any other animals or children in the home who might cause them harm.

    • CBBR foster bunnies must not socialize with the FCP's personal bunnies to avoid fighting and unwanted bonding.  We wouldn't want a pair to bond and then be broken up.


    • All foster bunnies must be offered a healthy diet consisting at minimum of ​unlimited hay and the proper amount of pellets, based on their weight.


    • Daily exercise must be offered when possible.  Daily exercise is important, but we understand that fostering is not a permanent situation.  We also understand that many of our Foster Care Providers are very busy.  We encourage them to provide as much exercise and enrichment as they are able to.


    • Foster care providers must make an effort to attend adoption events and make other efforts to find adoptive homes for their fosters, such as reviewing adoption applications, reaching out to applicants, and meeting with potential adopters.


  • You submit a foster application online.

    • Applicants must be at least 18 years old​.

  • An official Foster Trainer will contact you 

    • to discuss your application and schedule in-person training

  • The Foster Trainer will meet with you at your home or via a video call. 

    • During this visit, they will go over bunny care basics and how our foster & adoption program works.​

  • When your set-up has been approved by the trainer, a bunny will be placed with you.

    • Bunnies in our care may come from the following circumstances:​

      • Rescued from Cannon Beach (potentially feral)​

      • Recently abandoned in Cannon Beach

      • Transferred from another foster home

    • We will not bring you more bunnies than you are able to handle or bring you a bunny with a health concern unless you have agreed to take on that particular responsibility.

  • When your foster rabbit is spayed or neutered and healthy enough, we will list them as “adoptable” on our website.

  • Our Adoption Counselors will review adoption applications and email applications to you which have been approved. 

  • You will review the adoption applications that are sent to you.

  • You will meet with potential adopters, and choose the right indoor home for your foster rabbit.

    • Initial meetings may be done at your home, at a scheduled event, or at another volunteer's home​.

  • Once you have chosen an applicant, and the initial meeting has gone well, you will make sure the adopter has a complete and adequate set-up all ready.

    • Have them send you pictures and dimensions!

  • You will bring your foster bunny to their new home.

  • The adopters will sign our adoption contract and pay a fee, which will be returned to CBBR.

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