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Word on the Beach

Testimonials: Testimonials

"A community coming together to help save bunnies, who, through no fault of their own, have been abandoned."

"Important to rescue these little bunnies and these folks do a fantastic job of filling us in on their efforts and how we can help 💕🐇"

Denise Hawk

Nicole Kjos

"Thank you for your efforts. Thoughtless humans created this problem. It is up to thoughtful humans to solve it."

"Compassionate group of people trying to save the Cannon Beach Bunnies and get them proper medical care and forever homes."

Deb Scott

Elisa Edgington

"This is a great group of people coming together to rescue the bunnies that have been dumped and taken over Cannon Beach. Not only are they helping the bunnies, but they are helping the community that doesn't want the bunnies there."

"Its awsome that people have decided to go plan a way to rescue of these neglected stray animals."

Suzie Loske-Mathis

Stacy Gow

"This is a rabbit dump gone out of control. Please spread the word and help save lives."

"Good luck with your good efforts! This is certainly an important cause helping the animals and the community reach a better place for them all! How things should be handled"

Jan Henniger Hutto

Julia Craven

"I love our sweet little bunnies! So thankful to join a group who cares about them too. Have had many hours of fun and joy photographing them over the years! Please join save the Cannon Beach Bunnies. Together we can all work together to help keep them safe, healthy and happy."

Jan Beazely

"Okay, so I've just known about your page for only a month and it's so great to know people that really love and care about bunnies like you and it warms my heart a lot. Your love for the bunnies really impressed me! Sorry that I live a bit far from your country and can't do anything to help, but I just want to support and encourage you. You're doing a good job and thank you for your education you send to everyone about the importance of saving bunnies. Always wish you best luck and success in your amazing job! Thank you for everything! ❤️💕🐰💕❤️"

Nguyễn Vũ Tuấn Dũng

"I recommend people help this rescue mission!! These precious creatures are depending on us!!!"

"Great people trying to do great things."

Pamela Chinchilla

Jen Ferry

"Great group trying to do what is best for the Cannon Beach bunnies."

Holly Flowers

"I am happy that you are trying to save them. Breeding and dumping must be stopped. I am glad you are neutering and spaying the ones you can catch. The bunnies deserve to live as much as any other animal. It is not their fault that they are there. I am in Arizona or else I would try to help you catch them."

Cheryl Gehrke

"They need help asap. Please help these beautiful creatures if u can."

"A great group of people helping the precious bunnies. Thank you:)"

Sharon Best

Shannon Snyder

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