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Find a sick or injured bunny?

*Disclaimer* We are not veterinarians, so we cannot treat or offer medical advice beyond basic first aid.  Please read through the information below for direction on how to help the bunny.

 If you have found a deceased bunny, especially if they appear to have bled from their nose or mouth, DO NOT TOUCH   THE BODY and report your finding to the Oregon Department of Agriculture by calling 1-800-347-7028 or online here

If you have found a sick or injured rabbit in Cannon Beach,
it is important to identify them as either wild or domesticated.

Wild rabbits tend to have rougher-looking coats and sharper features.  See below for examples of species you may see in the area.


Brush Rabbit


Eastern Cottontail

Wild bunnies are not accustomed to handling and may die from a fear-induced heart attack, so please keep them in a dark, quiet space and only handle them when necessary.

For wild bunny assistance, please call The Wildlife Center of the North Coast at 503-338-0331

Domesticated Rabbits

Domestic bunnies tend to have fluffier coats & more rounded features than wild bunnies.  They present in a variety of colors.  See examples below.


Photo Credit:  Karen Anderson


Photo Credit:  Jen Ferry

Photo Credit:  Nick Escobar

If you find a sick or injured domesticated rabbit in Cannon Beach, please take them to a veterinarian as soon as possible!

To capture them, be careful but confident.  Rabbits have delicate skeletons, so make sure you are supporting them at both the hips and shoulders.  If you have time, please check out our video and tips on lifting techniques here before handling any bunnies.  It may also be helpful to cover the bunny with a towel before scooping them up.

If the bunny is having difficulty breathing, lying on their side, has suffered severe trauma, or otherwise appears to be in considerable pain, please take them to an emergency vet RIGHT AWAY.

Unfortunately there are no emergency vets for rabbits in the Cannon Beach Area.  If it is urgent, just go to the nearest animal hospital, otherwise you will need to drive into the Portland Metro area.  Try to (safely) call first to ensure a rabbit-savvy vet is on staff and let them know you are on your way.

  • DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency (Portland) 503-228-7281

  • Tanasbourne Veterinary Emergency (Beaverton)  503-692-5800

For less urgent medical concerns, try to bring in the rabbit to one of these local hospitals:

  • Seaside Pet Clinic (Seaside)  503-738-8846

  • Nehalem Animal Healing (Nehalem)  503-374-1951

  • Safe Harbor Animal Hospital (Warrenton)  503-325-8920

  • Bayshore Animal Hospital (Warrenton)  503-660-4200

If you need to keep the sick bunny overnight, please make sure they are contained (like in a cat carrier) and provide them with some hay and small water bowl.  Place the carrier in a quiet room and do not handle them unless necessary.  Though they are descendants of pet rabbits, they are often not used to human handling and may die from a fear-induced heart attack.

If you were directed to this site from our email, please know that we care very much, but are not always available to respond to emails or drive out to CB to provide emergency care.  If we were to speak with you, we would offer the same advice listed above on this site.  We thank you for caring about the bunny you found and taking time out of your own day to bring them in to a vet who will be able to either treat them or alleviate their suffering in a kind way.  YOU are a true bunny hero!

So what now?

If the bunny can be treated, they will need a foster home.  PLEASE consider fostering as we are desperately in need.  We will help as much as we can with vet bills and can help you get all set up.  Apply to foster here.

If you need help capturing the bunny, we may be able to help, but will need to find foster placement to ensure there is a safe place for them to be cared for.

If you would like to request fostering for a sick or injured rabbit you have brought to safety or need help

capturing a sick or injured rabbit you have found in Cannon Beach, please submit the form below. 

We will get back to you as soon as we are able.  We appreciate your patience.

Found sick or injured rabbit

Were you able to capture the rabbit?
Are you able to foster?

Thanks for submitting!
Please also send us a picture of the bunny if you can to

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