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For those planning to rescue a loose bunny, adopt a new furry family member, work in a vet hospital or shelter, or just want to learn how to safely handle their own bunny

Approaching and handling domesticated rabbits in different situations can be tricky.  It requires patience, intuition, skill, and confidence.  If you are planning to go out and capture a loose rabbit, please watch the video below first.  The following video demonstrates the basics of safe approach and handling.

Handling: Welcome
Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 4.52.03 PM.png

Whenever you pick up a rabbit, make sure you always support their hips and shoulders. A hand under their feet will function as a platform for them to push off from! NEVER SCRUFF A RABBIT! (Trust me. Not only is it uncomfortable for the bunny, but it also will not give you any sort of safe control.)

Handling: Who We Are
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